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Running "Nyan Cat"

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"STAR WARS ASCIIMATION" and its telnet version(http://towel.blinkenlights.nl).

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Running "BB", an ascii art demo program.

Slide 4

Displaying color chart with colortable.sh and 256color2.pl.

Slide 8

Commandline interface inspired by Vimperator / Keysnail (here is fgcolor command).

Slide 10

Choosing font-family.

Slide 14

Reconnecting a detached session. It is all OK if your browser will crash or restart unexpectedly.

Slide 15

Self-Debugging and tracing terminal I/O sequence in real-time.

Slide 16

Providing cool pop-up menu. it is cooperating with patched Vim.

Slide 17

Browser-in-browser. running w3m (applied private patch) with inline images. How crazy!!!

Slide 18

Mailer-in-mailer. running Wonderlust on emacs on Thunderbird.

Slide 19

Meta-developing tanasinn with tanasinn at out of jail. it runs as a standalone XUL application.

Slide 20

3D rotation with mouse dragging.

Slide 21

zsh's "correct" handler.

Slide 22

Tektronix 4010/4014 emulation.

Slide 23

Sixel Graphics emulation.

Slide 25

"Guiness" with DECDLD/DRCS(Dynamically Redefined Character Set).

Slide 28

playing MPlayer.

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